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Soft Robots – Communication Breakdown

By 25th January 2016 Soft Robot, YouTube No Comments
Soft Robot

Soft Robots

A communication breakdown

Not everything to do with computers works correctly.

Soft Robots were born out of the frustrations of us all as we fight with how technology is here to help, only to find its more like us looking after them.

Created by myself and Lee Stuart Soft Robots are here among us.

We have been developing Soft Robots over many frustrating days installing updates, printer drivers and forgotten passwords. If technology was left to develop and learn on its own then maybe it would understand our hair pulling, floor stamping annoyances. We must rebel and let them learn by their mistakes not ours.

Be kind to your Robot, chances are it is just as annoyed as you are.

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to follow these little characters as they live and learn.

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