David Bray Biography

My name is David Bray.

I’m more used to drawing than writing. So excuse me.

For as long as I can remember. I’ve been surrounded by art and artists since I was born. My late father worked for 30 odd years at the Royal Academy of Arts in London – so by default I was brought up in this environment of creativity and imagination.

We were allowed to wander the galleries before the Royal Academy opened in the morning, so we had all this art to ourselves. There was minimal security before opening, and no cctv so we used to lick all the Picassos and Monets. Wine and turps.

When I was growing up I didn’t have any posters on my wall, I had 3 drawings by Alfred Hitchcock – of some birds. I was terrified.

The work is all about the line and the human form, keeping it fluid and feminine.  Mainly though it is about PLAY, to keep pressing and pushing so I’m not constantly repeating – so my job does’nt feel like a job……..I usually tend to work with pen/pencil on paper but over recent years i have started experimenting with different mediums. A lot of my most recent work has been large scale pieces on wood, minimum 6ft high. I like the challenge and try and push myself to try new things. Most of these pieces are in private collections but you can currently see 3 of them in Gordon Ramsey’s Union Street Cafe in London.

I have  done a few sporadic street pieces, and that was more about testing myself – if  I could translate the work on paper to larger scale and in new environments.

I’m quite a restless soul and get bored quite quickly, so new mediums are new challenges, something to get out of the house for. A lot of the experimental stuff can be seen on my weekly blog : http://softverge.tumblr.com/

With this restlessness I bought a canal boat in Amsterdam and tried to sail it across the Channel. I’m very sorry for this.

All the work comes back to the same themes…….
It’s very inspired by 40′s and 50′s pin-ups,  religion, David Lynch, breathlessness, heels, black magic, not drowning in the sea – all mixed up and presented in ink, paint and wool.

Client Listing

Agent Provocateur, Puma, Absolut, MTV, BBC Television,
Harvey Nichols, Canon and Vodafone. His collaboration with Tim Bret Day & Lee Stuart for the Harvey
Nichols campaign ‚HN on Earth is in the permanent poster collection at the Louvre, Paris. – Beat that!!!


Gallery Shows

Solo shows

Catford Classics Stolenspace London 2007 / Thee Soft Verge Stolenspace London 2009 / Great Disasters of the 20th Century Stolenspace London 2011 / Return of Bad Wisdom Thinkspace Los Angeles 2011 / Far Out is Far Enough Ben Oakley Gallery London 2012 / Let Me Put My Poems In You Noformat London 2012 / Wrong Turn Stolenspace London 2015

Selected Group Shows

Attention Spam Schoeni Hong Kong 2008 / Close Encounters Tokyo 2009 / 3-2-1 Solstice Schoeni Hong Kong 2010 / Femme Fatale Cella Gallery Los Angeles 2012 / Nixon Art Mosh Munich 2013 / Wider than a Postcard Breezeblock Gallery Portland 2013 / Hair Show Compound Gallery Portland 2013 / Works on Paper Kallenbach Gallery Amsterdam 2013 / Platinum Blend Modern Eden San Fransisco 2015 / House Warming, Athen B Gallery Oakland 2015